sobota, 20 kwietnia 2019


I didn't have time to post any news recently... b'cause I've been typing ;)
This SM9 is my second. It's not in the best shape, but have v.nice typeface and all the special keys needed to write in "modern style", like: ; : ( ) ! ? " - _ % & and §. I could only wish for "@" for perfect keyboard.
Apart from It's visual look - it works v.nice, there is no comparsion to Traveller in the back.

It also is up for sale, if anyone interested. Details on demand.

piątek, 5 kwietnia 2019

Do typewriter cause allergies?

Well typewriter in the general shouldn’t cause any allergies. They are made mostly from metal/plastic and rubber. But this doesn’t mean you are safe near them (argh!).

First of all, and most obvious is dirt in any form, that settles on the machine like on any other thing in your room. But also it can be furr after pet of previous owner etc. Problem is, that typewriter have complicated mechanics, with lot of slots and places hard to reach during cleaning.
You can solve it in different ways:
Use plastic cover.
Clean it with compressed air from time to time.
Hoover it (watch for ribbon! It instantly is sucked in if you are not careful enough).
Most typewriters from unprofessional source need good cleaning before usage!

Another case is… the case.
I bought a lot of different typewriters and lot of their cases was dirty/stinky and covered in lot of different, hard to clean, stains.
I can imagine that some could have problem with mold or mites!
If you can’t clean it good enough (sometimes It is impossible, where there is a risk of damaging old, fatigued case) It’s better to keep it in different place (garage/attic etc.)

Ribbons - It’s not so obvious but this part is most dangerous. It’s wet, always on the top and can even be covered in mushroom in extreme cases. If you buy an old typewriter, and you don’t know how long ribbon was used - it’s best to throw it away.

Sound insulation - in many typewriters we have some material to silent at least some noises. It’s getting very dirty after years, since it’s structure absorbs all different things.

With my typewriters I make sure to clean it inside and outside in order to get rid of all allergens.

I’m writing as an allergic to dirt/mites, with allergic son (since he is still young, he react to even small amount of allergen in the air).

środa, 3 kwietnia 2019

End fo Travel(ler)

Another 2+ hours, and Traveller seems ready to type :)
It’s not perfect. For example all white plastic now is “cream”. It had to be often putted on the sun, or somewhere near heat source I think. But It doesn’t look too bad with orange :)

On previous traveller I putted child tattoos from “Cars” (transferred by water), so probably we gonna do the same “customization” on this one :)

Fixed problems:
Right platen knob didn’t turn the platen.
Letter N with bended type lever
Letter M didn’t advance
Paper guide (this metal thing keeping page from falling behind typewriter) was also bended.

Overall cleaning - a lot of dust, dirt, grease, tobacco ash…

To do:
New ribbon.


poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2019

Next project :)

After I finish with Traveller, this one is in the line :) Rare Alpina typewriter, but with some malfunctions. Spacebar don't work, carriage won't advance to upper position... I'm hoping that this is minor issue, since it doesn't look to be damaged in any way. 

czwartek, 28 marca 2019

The TT: Papertest

I'm planning to do some test with typewriters that I'm using.
A series of practical tests and examples on various fields.
I called it simply Typewriter Testing, and here is first of it: with special paper.

For additional information... I tried Lettera 35 for this envelope, with "invitation" paper it was fine. These envelopes are stiff as cardboard, and my SM3 is a pro ;)

For daily using normal paper is enough. You can buy the cheapest and It won't matter to the typewriter. With standard paper I use 2 sheets on the roll, since most platens are bit hard these days... Of course backup sheet is the same for some time ;)

I bought 20 sheets of this special paper, another dozens with different colors... And soon I'll present some more testing on this field :)
I'm keeping it for letters mostly, since they are quite elegant.
I like the feel of it.

And If You planning to do wedding invitations or addressing them for example you’ll know what typewriter will manage the task (I’m sure not only Olympia will manage!)
We (I and son ;)) probably write a letter to the Santa on this paper this year.
Maybe some other occasions You have in mind?


When I saw this typewriter on the auction site I was sure, this would be right typewriter for my son.

Olympia Traveller in Orange color, and with color selector!

I must be honest that I didn't look carefully enough on the picture. I was fixed on color, and polish keys that was essential in this case. Plus it didn't look so bad in the picture. And it was quite cheap (15$ total).

It was sold by pawnshop so I called them and ask about the piece. I found out, that it was little damaged, one letter didn't move. They give me discount from original price and I took the bate.

I only regreted it when typewriter arrived. It smelled like ashtray, was full of ash/dirt and all different stuff inside and outside. Everything in this machine was dirty...

I started to work on it the very day, and after 3 hours struggle I managed to fix mechanics (more than one issue with the letter) and began cleaning.

Right now It's over 4 hours of work on her, and still few to go.

Well It's supposed to be a happy story, but first there must be some climax...

wtorek, 26 marca 2019

For today I prepared something special. Since I have two identical typewriters made by different producers I couldn’t resist to compare them :) I had to clean them anyway!

In history there is a lot examples of selling patents and produce different typewriters under many names. Sometimes very exotic.
Brother was made under dozen names, as well as Hermes Baby (even by Polish Rifle Factory before IIWW, under name of “FK Mała”.). So question is: how different they actually are. Without further ado...

Ladies and Gentleman!! Facit Privat vs Łucznik Predom 1301!

It’s actually Facit 1620, this particular sample was originally made in Sweden, but they also was produced in polish arms factory “Radom Łucznik” under “Facit” logo and “Made in Poland” sticker. They made them for Facit as subcontractor. But later they acquired licenses and made it as Łucznik 1301 / 1302 (with TAB), 1303 (wider rack), and 1304 (also with TAB).

There are plenty of this typewriters on polish market :) I've seen them often with russian alphabet since market on the east side of Iron Wall was centralized.

I've read somewhere, that polish version are heavier, is made from cheaper materials and basically quality is lesser. So I evaluated this factors in real ;)

I can say, that weight is basically the same. Both have casing made from aluminium, and full metal body. The difference is in the color of metal, so I presume in Sweden they used better alloy - no question here. At the other hand both are in ex. condition with no sign of rust etc.

What is different is quality of painting. Facit is smooth in touch, Łucznik had some small grudges that you can see and feel under touch. I believe used materials again are in favour of Facit. It’s not a surprise, since good quality materials was rare in soviet times. Chromes look good on both typewriters.

In typing there is no difference in speed. I think Facit is a little softer, smoother. In Łucznik i don’t like “spring” noise, that are bit loud under fast typing. Facit have better springs as well, since they are not so noisy (although they do make some sounds).

They both are fast, reliable and very enjoyable typewriters. I like the swedish design: simple, practical, modest, that fits “Soviet reality” as well.
Both available on in my store!