poniedziałek, 1 lipca 2019

How to pack typewriter for shipping

Well, there will be some self-promotion and little guide for sending typewriters by post/courier.

If you bought a typewriter from somebody on the net, let use term "amateur" in the typewriters theme... Well you are most likely to receive it packed inappropriate.

- I received typewriter without locked carriage - people usually don't know how to do it.
- Placed loose in the box, so they bumped around - may cause damage to the body or mechs.
- The return lever never was somewhat secured from damaging the body.

If there is a standard cover/shell/case to the typewriter there is higher hope, that it will arrive in good manner... Of course if sender close it properly and secure typewriter inside... ;)
For my typewriters i ususally begin with securing carriage, return lever and body before putting it inside the cover/case/shell:

Later placing the cover (if provided), and putting something extra around - in the case of Facit the one necesarry was to put something at the back of typewriter - to prevent it from get free from standard locking system in the case:

 Next is few layers of stretch, safety air-filled foil at it, and some stretch again.

 Next is the cardboard box. Secured with tape tight. It's gonna be a long way...

And of course more stretch on it :) It's making a protective film around the box.
It's 5 layers of protection! 

In case of plastic covers I add some different pieces of protecting sponge, used for transporting the windows - It guarantee the safe shipping.

For unpacking please be patient and use knife with safety precautions - for you and for case ;)

czwartek, 13 czerwca 2019


And again... my first american typewriter ;)
I did some cleaning - to my suprise typewriter is in nearly mint condition. It still have factory oil on the carriage and cover rails.
It's also a very complicated typewriter to dismount the covers... It took a lot of unscrewing and planning :)
It is different than Olympias or Olivettis that I had pleasure to work on. The philosophy of engineers behind made it like nothing else around :) I like the design - it is in common to last line of Hermes 3000, the past 1970 ones (I value it the most from the 3000 series...). It's like took from some classic Sci-Fi movie.
So... for some time it will be my "english" typer - for correspondency, maybe some stories ;) Time will tell.

środa, 12 czerwca 2019

It arrived...

I'll probably type some reviev after I finish at least one of it ;) It travelled to me from US, past London, Warsaw and up to my little city ;) It took over a week.

Hope all will enjoy my commision to the CHT project in Paradigm Shifts!