poniedziałek, 1 lipca 2019

How to pack typewriter for shipping

Well, there will be some self-promotion and little guide for sending typewriters by post/courier.

If you bought a typewriter from somebody on the net, let use term "amateur" in the typewriters theme... Well you are most likely to receive it packed inappropriate.

- I received typewriter without locked carriage - people usually don't know how to do it.
- Placed loose in the box, so they bumped around - may cause damage to the body or mechs.
- The return lever never was somewhat secured from damaging the body.

If there is a standard cover/shell/case to the typewriter there is higher hope, that it will arrive in good manner... Of course if sender close it properly and secure typewriter inside... ;)
For my typewriters i ususally begin with securing carriage, return lever and body before putting it inside the cover/case/shell:

Later placing the cover (if provided), and putting something extra around - in the case of Facit the one necesarry was to put something at the back of typewriter - to prevent it from get free from standard locking system in the case:

 Next is few layers of stretch, safety air-filled foil at it, and some stretch again.

 Next is the cardboard box. Secured with tape tight. It's gonna be a long way...

And of course more stretch on it :) It's making a protective film around the box.
It's 5 layers of protection! 

In case of plastic covers I add some different pieces of protecting sponge, used for transporting the windows - It guarantee the safe shipping.

For unpacking please be patient and use knife with safety precautions - for you and for case ;)

czwartek, 13 czerwca 2019


And again... my first american typewriter ;)
I did some cleaning - to my suprise typewriter is in nearly mint condition. It still have factory oil on the carriage and cover rails.
It's also a very complicated typewriter to dismount the covers... It took a lot of unscrewing and planning :)
It is different than Olympias or Olivettis that I had pleasure to work on. The philosophy of engineers behind made it like nothing else around :) I like the design - it is in common to last line of Hermes 3000, the past 1970 ones (I value it the most from the 3000 series...). It's like took from some classic Sci-Fi movie.
So... for some time it will be my "english" typer - for correspondency, maybe some stories ;) Time will tell.

środa, 12 czerwca 2019

It arrived...

I'll probably type some reviev after I finish at least one of it ;) It travelled to me from US, past London, Warsaw and up to my little city ;) It took over a week.

Hope all will enjoy my commision to the CHT project in Paradigm Shifts!

piątek, 7 czerwca 2019


I came across something special again ;)

During the search of the auction site one typewriter caught my eye…

Olympia model SG3 with unique QWERTY keyboard and with “ ‘ “ key!
Not only newer did QWERTY typewriters was produced with polish specials, but also none of original layout (PRL approved) had this special mark - one single character making typewriter multilanguage (my theory: it was made for purpose).

I pointed out this facts before on my blog, so you can imagine how shocked i was :)

I written to the seller and asked about the details… how it works, what is the condition etc.
And he claimed, that this specific typewriter was his friends, who worked in Vatican for almost entire life.
Well… that was some explanation - such typewriter would never be made for Polish market i believe… but for Vatican was entirely different matter.

I catched the bait… And had it after two-three weeks: I was searching for somebody to deliver it to me - it was too big to send it by post and not to risk any damage.

Well… It doesn’t work yet. I cleaned it and there is some problem with space-bar - it blocks the carriage. Without the shell it work perfect, but when I assembly it after cleaning the problem rise again. I’ll look to it - It’s probably some adjustments in the mechanism.

Anyway… I also figured out, that this is not original made keyboard.
I mentioned craftsmen, who modded foreign typewriters for private owners during the soviet regime in Poland. This is one of it… Altrought very well made!

This is one modded example:

Mine looks almost as original… There is slight difference in the polish specials on the keyboard (they are little brighter) and that’s it.
I figured out, cuz I couldn’t clean the hammers properly… The polish specials were welded in the place of old one - probably spanish.
Original hammer
Welded hammer

The seller don’t want to tell me the owner name… I’m making some investigation around the topic, and hopefully I’ll announce some additional info about history of this model soon :)