piątek, 14 lutego 2020

Two faces.

Finally I've got some time to speak about the two generations of legendary Hermes 3000 family.
The newest "plastic" one, and one step older 60's design. Unfortunately I don't have access to classic 3000 (the curvy) but as far as i can tell It's no different in the mechanism than the two younger types.
And in that brave move I've spoiled the thing...

Hermes Media 3, 60'
Hermes 3000 70'

Basically it's the same typewriter. The main difference between presented Hermes Media 3 60' and Hermes 3000 70' is the shell/body. There are consequences for that of course, but the feel (the touch) of typing are identical. Smooth, kind of light (delicate) but with desired effect on the page.

I prefer the 70's design, but plastic cover have some disadvantages:

Typewriter is slightly bigger - I believe in order to maintain the desired durability they had to use more material (older brother shell is made of alloy).

You can observe this best in comparing the cases.

The plastic one is lighter... - for me It's disadvantage since typewriter tends to move under fast typing.

Plastic can't rust :) So does alloy... but the paint is different story ;)

Plastic often change colour over time - that's the biggest flaw, especially if typewriter was exposed to sunlight.

Usually alloy bends and plastic cracks under pressure or if some accident occurs.

Insides are basically identical, as well as carriage (exept of side covers). The side metal panels of the mechanism are different design, but I didn't catch any major difference in the mechanics itself.

If you want to have Hermes 3000 in your collection be advised:

The plastic one is usually few times cheaper than the classic curvy type.

New design usually have better platen and no problem with cracked platen knobs.

Mint keys were available till 60' (later only in Hermes Baby).

czwartek, 16 stycznia 2020

środa, 11 grudnia 2019

The Shop

Due the Christmas fever I don't add any new content to the shop...
Partly due the lack of time, and partly because I'm a bit worried about shipping time... It's busy time in the trade!
But in the 2020 be ready for Script typewriter, Olympia SM7, Hermes 3000 and some more ;)